Miracle of St. Joseph

The Miracle of Saint Joseph

Mention of this modern day miracle of our times will usually bring on animated discussion. This article is neither for nor against the validity of the miracle, and is meant only to state some of the known facts, both biblical and modern.

St. Joseph

The miracle is very different from most revelations because it asserts new doctrinal revelation. The miracle is the previously unknown and unrevealed belief that Saint Joseph is the incarnation of the Holy Spirit, and as fully God as Jesus Christ himself. This belief was revealed to the world in 1967 and comes to us through a True Mystic, Frances Klug of California. Mrs. Klug has continued to receive many revelations during the ensuing 41 years right up until modern day. For example, one of Mrs. Klug’s revelations took place July 2007 when God our Heavenly Father spoke directly to her. The basic content of God speaking on that occasion was to let people know that they are never alone, their soul allows God to know what is happening in their lives, and lastly the goal of human life and human living is to return a portion of it to The Spirit of Divine Love.

The Miracle of St. Joseph is based upon, and the followers of Mrs. Klug believe that the revelations are not limited to God Almighty speaking to Mrs. Klug. Her pronounced revelations also include direct revelations from primarily, St. Joseph along with many other saints, and in some instances “unknown” saint(s) when the message bearer is unclear.

“Stories from Heaven” is a 47 volume set of books containing the revelations to Mrs. Klug from 1967 to the present day. The revelations are considered part of the “Miracle of St. Joseph” in addition to the basic revelation that St. Joseph is the incarnation of the Holy Spirit.

It is 1972. On a hill in California a modest number of people have gathered. Unknown to those gathered on this day, they are about to be addressed directly by Saint Joseph through the voice of Mrs. Frances Klug. Upon his leaving, St. Joseph introduces the next speaker, God Almighty, who also speaks directly through the voice of Mrs. Klug to those gathered on the hillside. St. Joseph introduces himself with simplicity through Mrs. Klug’s voice “I am Saint Joseph”………the voice goes on to this remarkable statement: "There has been no one like this child [Mrs. Klug] except when the son walked the land”. This statement denotes Mrs. Klug as the most unique human being except Jesus. The Miracle of Saint Joseph elevates this person above Virgin Mary, St. Peter, the Apostles, and Moses. Direct dealings with God, personally knowing and teaching and working with Jesus do not rise to the level of Mrs. Klug.

God the Father speaks next and reveals a bit less profound information. He says he created a long time ago the exact hillside on which they are gathered and he has now “come” in 1972 to repossess it (not clear when or why He dispossessed the hill and who held possession of the hill until 1972). He states the hill will bring millions of souls to him. The hill has gained the name “City of God-St. Joseph’s Hill of Hope”.

The Miracle of St. Joseph and the City of God-St. Joseph's Hill of Hope are are contrary to the teachings of the Magisterium of the Catholic church. One cardinal and 2 bishops in California have labeled the “locutions” as “heretical doctrine” and “spurious revelations” and the City of God-St. Joseph Hill of Hope is independent from the Catholic Church and does not have Catholic Church approval.

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